What if you could have one of the Internet’s premier email marketers take you by the hand and show you everything he knows about earning a full-time living online using the awesome power of email? And what if he literally gave you all the content you’d ever need to finally make this thing work, once and for all?  
Well today must be your birthday…

Renegade Email Marketing Veteran Helps You Have More Fun, Help More People, Be More REAL, And Make More Money Than All Those Lame-Ass, By-the-Book Wannabes EVER Will… It’s Already Been Written!


When your personality meets my “Wicked Slick” DFY/DIY email marketing training & content suite… you cannot lose!


Email Slick Proof

(4-minute email earns your boy 500 bucks in a single day!)

 Email Slick Review by Matt Bacak

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Lee Murray Email Slick - review by Mary Greene

Dear Rising Star,

Welcome to the party. My name is Lee. Thanks a ton for expressing an interest in my brand new email marketing offer. My finest to date, truth be told. But that’s neither here nor there. I’d rather talk about you for a moment, if you don’t mind.

With your permission, I’d like to ask you a few questions. And I’d really like for you to answer them honestly, if only in your mind. Are you willing to do that?

Thank you.

Question #1: Are you scared that online success only makes its way into the lives of a select few… and that you may not be one of them?

Question #2: Are you attracted to the idea of email marketing, but get a little nervous when you think about sending out an email to thousands of people?

Question #3: Have you ever tried to build a list, but then shut down when it came to actually turning your subscribers into cash?

Question #4: Have you heard a dozen pieces of conflicting advice about how frequently you should mail, how many of your emails should be promos, and what kinds of subject lines are “acceptable” for you to use? Do these conflicts keep you frozen, when you’d really like to be taking action?

Question #5: Are you sick of getting excited about a certain course of action, only to get your dreams squashed by some idiot on some forum claiming that it won’t work… or it’s unethical… or it’s somehow “too risky?”

Question #6: Do you wish you could just be yourself, enjoy yourself, and make the kind of money you deserve to make for yourself and your family… no negatives… only positives?

Question #7: Do you wish somebody with the skills to pay the damn bills would just step up, take you by the hand, lead you to success, and not charge you a fortune or expect you to conform to some impossible standard to do it?

Sounds like I’m gearing up to sell you something, doesn’t it? ;)

Well of course I am, silly! That’s what a special “offer” is, after all. But I’d really like for you to get that thought out of your head for a moment and take the time to answer those questions honestly. It’s truly for your own benefit.

The bottom line here is that most would-be marketers don’t pull a Jim Morrison and break on through to the other side. Why? Because they’re frozen. They don’t know what to do next. Either they don’t trust themselves, or they don’t know which piece of advice to follow… or they’re scared stiff by dirty nay-sayers.

But just like it is for any other group of sad saps in the Western world, inaction is the knife that cuts most of our throats in IM. Sad, but totally and obviously true.

So what’s the real story?

Well, as I just mentioned, FEAR is the main reason we don’t just put our butts on the line and take what we want. We fear all kinds of things. Failure, success, the unknown, embarrassment, judgment from other onliners, ridicule from family…

And if that’s not enough of an incentive to remain absolutely paralyzed, we also have the aforementioned bits of infallible “wisdom” to deal with. “Never mail out every day.” “Only promote a product once every three emails.” “Be sure to use your prospect’s name.” “This can get you banned.” “No, that can.” “No, that can!”

Honestly, where the hell do people get this stuff? If I were taking their bullcrap seriously, I’d never get any actual work done either! Maybe they should spend less time posting misinformation on forums and spend more time actually striving to get 20-40 percent sales conversions… like I do.


Email Slick Lee Murray Proof

(10-minute email earns me $863.59 in just one day!)

Just sayin’.

Of course, if these were the only real challenges, it’d be a mighty quick fix. I’d just sell you a book showing exactly what I do to enjoy my sick-ass conversions and life-enhancing sales, and we’d be done with it. I’d put a buy button directly under this sentence, send you on your way, and we’d all be better off for it.

Tell Me, Does This Look Like a Buy Button?

(Hint: it’s not. It’s another headline. See, I’m already lookin’ out for ya!)

The truth is, if all we needed was somebody telling us what to do… even showing us what to do, then the number of successful online entrepreneurs out there would shoot straight through the virtual roof. You already know this.

But that’s not the case at all, is it? We’ve all seen the numbers… 90 percent of everyone who enters this business will drop off within the first six months… and 90 percent of those left standing will drop off within the next six months.

And these folks listened to LOTS of advice and bought LOADS of “how to” guides… believe you me! Yet it made absolutely no difference whatsoever.

So what the hell is lacking?


Dammit, why do so many people fail at this? What’s lacking?

I believe the answer lies in this old proverb…

“Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.”

Pretty great, right? Well… I’m actually not quite convinced.

It sounds pretty damn empowering, I’ll give it that. But upon deeper reflection, it seems an awful lot like a half-truth to me. I mean, let’s think about it…

What happens if the type of fishing you’re doing has a learning curve of three weeks? After the first few days, you’ll be so damn hungry you’ll find it difficult to focus on what’s being taught. By week three, you’ll be so desperate for food you may consider eating the teacher. Ultimately, you’ll never learn to fish.

Playa’s gotta eat now, baby!

That said, I do think the statement has merit. If you only give a man fish, he becomes dependent, and will never be able to sustain his own livelihood.

At this point, the real answer should start becoming incredibly obvious to you. Can you see it coming? Are you pickin’ up what I’m layin’ down? It’s simple…

You need to give a man some fish while teaching him to fish!

You don’t just need me to teach you how to be a masterful, wildly successful email marketer. You need me to GIVE you masterful, wildly effective emails!

Introducing the World’s First “DFY/DIY Hybrid” for Email Marketers:

Lee Murray's Email Slick

Email Slick review by Brad

Clarke's review of Lee Murray's Email Slick


I really believe that the very best way for you to understand just how much power you’re about to have at your fingertips when you click the “buy button” and grab “Email Slick” right now is for me to simply walk you through the damn thing…

Part One: Email Marketing Training

Fifty Slick Tricks for Wicked Sick Email Marketing:

Right out of the gate, I knock you on your ass with my fifty “Slick Tricks.” Here, you’re going to discover literally everything you’ll ever need to know to become a wealthy SOB through the power of email. A bold statement. A true statement.

I’ll take the Pepsi Challenge with anyone’s email training… and I’ll be the Coke that wins. That’s because I show you how to use your own personality, and have fun, and find your own sense of self-confidence. I show you how to command your audience… and get them to do whatever it is you want them to do.

You’re gonna become a master of psychological persuasion. You’re going to learn how to be genuinely helpful to your audience, making them fall in love with you and beg you to send them more emails and offer them more stuff!

Think that might be of any use to you? ;)

In this initial chapter alone, you’ll discover:

  • The one type of subject line that will force them to open up and read… they simply cannot help themselves! (Slick Trick #3)

  • When to promote, and when to only provide content. This may actually come as a huge surprise to you! (Slick Trick #9)

  • Why death, destruction, and horror may just save the day! (Slick Trick #28)

  • The single biggest word you MUST AVOID USING at all costs. You’ll look like a damned fool otherwise. When the “twins” come riding along, you’ll know exactly what I mean! (Slick Trick #36)

  • The single greatest relationship-building tool online? We all need them, may as well take them together! (Slick Trick #42)

  • The fastest, most powerful way to establish common ground. It’s time to declare ____ on _____! (Slick Trick #46)

  • What you and Frank Kern have in common. The answer may shock you! (Slick Trick #49)

  • How to stop being that drunk jackass who just got 86’d. (Slick Trick #37)

  • ______________________ (Slick Trick #35)

  • How to avoid giving your readers freakin’ dementia. Hint: You’re gonna have to “take one for the team” on this one! (Slick Trick #24)

We’re barely just scratching the surface here. There’s so much good stuff in this one chapter alone that I could have absolutely sold this as a standalone product.

When I tell you that these fifty “Slick Tricks” are all you will ever need to be successful in this business, I’m not speaking Hungarian. But why stop there?

Just because you don’t need ten million dollars in the bank doesn’t mean that your life wouldn’t be greatly enhanced by such a thing, right? So let’s enhance…

The Anatomy of a Super Slick Email:

Here, I actually give you real-world examples of the two basic types of email I’m gonna have you focusing on: semi-promotional (content) emails and fully-promotional (promo) emails. I even give you emails you can use right now!

But rather than simply giving you each email and sending you on your merry way, I take the time to actually dissect them. We’re gonna pick them apart, piece by piece, to unveil what’s really going on behind the curtain.

We really dig deep. We look at each section of these emails, identifying which of our “Slick Tricks” have been implemented, and discussing why each of these is so powerful. I really help you to get inside the minds of your readers here.

You’ll see psychology at work. It’s a beautiful thing, and this truly is the type of stuff that nobody else is showing you. Pepsi Challenge, remember?

Part Two: Your “DFY/DIY Hybrid” Content


Ready to go fishing with me?

In this section, I give you so much yummy goodness that you’re going to wonder how you ever got along without it. But here’s the thing, and prepare to try wrapping your head around an almost unfathomable concept here…

This is stuff you’re going to actually use!

Don’t you just love those 75,000-article PLR packs that give you more worthless “content” than you could ever do anything with during your entire lifetime?

I assure you, that’s not what you’re getting here today.

You will use this content.

For starters, the quality is exceptional.

Listen, I’m writing this sales letter myself. No outsourcing, no cutting corners. Likewise, I’ve written all of your content myself, and have adhered to the same standards of excellence that I’m employing right now.

So if you like the way I write, you’re gonna love this freakin’ content! ;)

That said, I also expect you to inject your own heart & soul into this. Remember, I’m not just giving you fish here. I’m helping you to become a better email marketer yourself. I’m essentially acting as your “training wheels,” if you will.

Let me show you what you’re getting first, then I’ll come back and tell you how I recommend that you use it to your greatest possible advantage. Cool?

Your DFY/DIY Hybrid Content Includes:


  • 50 Email Subject Lines (General)

  • 50 Email Subject Lines (Internet Marketing)

  • 50 Email Subject Lines (Weight Loss)

  • 50 Slick-Ass Greetings

  • 50 Mix n’ Match Sentences (General)

  • 50 Mix n’ Match Sentences (Internet Marketing)

  • 50 Mix n’ Match Sentences (Weight Loss)

  • 50 Mix n’ Match Questions (General)

  • 50 Mix n’ Match Questions (Internet Marketing)

  • 50 Mix n’ Match Questions (Weight Loss)

  • 50 Slick-Ass Transitions

  • 50 Product Presell Transitions

  • 50 Calls to Action

  • 50 Presuppositional Phrases

  • 50 Sign-Off Lines (Signatures)

  • 50 P.S. Messages


That’s a full 800 pieces of mix n’ match content that you can begin using immediately to craft top-shelf emails that will be every bit as good as (if not better than) the emails written by even your stiffest competition!

This content will serve you extremely well regardless of your niche, but I’ve also created it to specifically appeal to two of the largest, most profitable markets on the entire Internet… IM and weight loss. Talk about obscenely powerful.

You can create literally millions of different email combinations with this content, especially when you follow my proposed course of action, included in the “Email Slick” program (page 40 – Getting the Most Out of This Content)… man, I’m totally vibrating with excitement right now. I am so proud of this product!

I sincerely hope you can comprehend the awesome power that you’re putting in your hands by picking up this invaluable resource today. There’s nothing else like it on the market, and there may very well never be again… that’s real.

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How To Use This Content:

I’ve made it extremely easy for you. All you need to do is pick one of my highly provocative subject lines, an intro, and an opening sentence. Then, following along with our fifty “Slick Tricks,” you’ll expand upon that initial sentence with a sentence or two of your own.

If at any point you get stuck, you can simply grab one of my questions or transitions to “bail you out” or “change the subject.” You will then grab another mix n’ match sentence or two, and expand… to the best of your ability.

Again, I make it so incredibly easy for you to write brilliant emails. And if you simply cannot write anything on your own (poor English, laziness, etc), then you can absolutely use my content… exclusively! There’s certainly enough of it. ;)


Lee, I’m Crazy Excited… Let’s Go! How Much?”


I’m diggin’ your enthusiasm! It’s nice to know that you can recognize such an uncommonly powerful opportunity when it comes along. And we’ll talk about your small investment in just a moment… Big WSO discount coming!

First, however, I’d like to help you paint a picture.

Imagine that it’s late at night, and you’re super exhausted. You’re battling a small case of insomnia. You’ve been building an email list and that’s on your mind. But also the pressures and stressors of life are giving you some nervous energy.

You’ve got a few overdue bills eating at you. Maybe your rent or mortgage payment is almost due… and the kids need new clothes… and all you really wanna do is get away for a while. Maybe take the family on a long overdue vacation… Or take you and that special someone to Vegas… or Hawaii.

“But who can afford such things?”

Shit, you gotta get up early tomorrow for work. You should really get yourself to sleep. But you just can’t. So you decide that if you can’t turn your brain off, you may as well try to get in a little bit of last-minute productivity.

You fire up your computer.

You login to your autoresponder.

You crack open your “Email Slick” package.

Within 15 minutes, you’ve crafted a beautifully-written, unbelievably compelling email promoting an IM product you recently bought, and quite enjoyed. The email is so good that it makes you want to buy the product… again!

You hit the “send” button, shut down your computer, and finally get to sleep.

“Ah, motherblankin’ alarm!” That rude wake-up call always comes a bit too soon, doesn’t it? You peel yourself out of bed and haphazardly go through your usual morning routine. As the coffee’s brewing, you decide to hop online to check your email, among other things.

Now during a typical morning, it takes a little caffeine, movement, and time to get yourself out of dream mode and connected to the world at large. But this morning, things are a little different. Why? Well, because on this particular day, at this particular time, your inbox looks a little something like this

Email Slick proof

Screw the coffee! You suddenly feel like you’re on freakin’ CRACK COCAINE!


But this crack is totally legal, and comes with zero adverse side effects. This may be the most incredible morning you’ve had in… ever. Maybe the best ever.

And that, my friend, is the power of high-octane email marketing. You think I’ve got a list of 100,000 people? I don’t. In fact, I don’t have anywhere near that many people. I intend to… and I intend to become a multi-millionaire with it.

But the truth is, you don’t need a giant list. You just need a responsive one. Now some of that will come down to list building stuff. How did you acquire the list? Are they buyers or freebie seekers? Was your initial offer of good quality?

These are list building questions. That’s a separate issue altogether, and I do have some really great list building training available… and a pretty kickass list building blog, too!

In fact, I’m gonna throw in my popular list building guide, “The White Hot List,” as a free bonus just to make sure we’re covering all bases here. But at this particular moment, we’re not talking about list building at all.

We’re talking about email marketing… what you do with your list.

And when you’re sending out the types of dynamite emails you’re gonna be sending out once you’ve gotten your hands on “Email Slick,” I’m telling you… you can get the same kinds of results I’m getting… with an absolutely miniscule list. A tiny list. We’re talking less than 5000 people… easy!

So what would you do?

You wake up the next morning and that’s what your inbox looks like. How would your life suddenly change? Would you still go into work? I’d assume you would. But what would you be thinking about all damn day? Your inbox, right!

How freakin’ eager would you be to get home and fire up that computer again? Would you be tempted to run a few red lights? ;)

And what if you got home and discovered that while you were at work, you earned another $350 online? From that one single email you sleepily sent out the night before!

It’s an incredible thought, isn’t it?

I wonder…

Would you pay a bill or two? Put a major league dent in your rent payment? Take the kids shopping? Really, what would you do if you made $500… $700… or even $900 or more in one day from one email?

And you knew that you could do the exact same thing the next day?

I’m really curious.

No matter what you’d do, one thing I know for sure is this…

“Email Slick Can Help You Do It!”

I have no idea what your life actually looks like right now. Maybe you’re struggling… maybe you’re not. Maybe the little scenario I painted above doesn’t apply to you… or maybe it describes you to the atom. Whatever.

The bottom line is that email marketing is the single most powerful business model on the entire Internet… period. This is not even debatable. It’s how almost everyone who’s reading these words right now landed on this page in the first place!

If you’re gonna do anything online, it should most assuredly be this.

The only question is “how well” are you gonna do it?

With “Email Slick” in your corner, the answer is “extremely well.”

Extremely well.

Ready to Get Started?

Sorry, stupid question.

Listen, I’m not going to insult your intelligence here and tell you that because this product can make you $100,000 a year or more, that I should be charging thousands for it. That would be absurd. And I wanna keep it real with you, okay?

I’ve been involved in the IM game for six years. I’ve seen all kinds of products at all kinds of price points. Generally speaking, I know which types of products will usually sell for how much. I can recognize the difference between a $7 product, for example, and a $97 product.

Honestly, “Email Slick” is a $67 product all day.

And while I would love to inflate this value as per common marketing practice, I simply won’t say that because this is essentially two products in one, I could be charging you $197 or whatever. I know some people would buy it at that price point… I even know who these people are. Some of them are on my list! ;)

But $197 simply isn’t realistic for most people.

That’s why I say this is a $67 product. I could charge more… but I don’t wanna.

When this thing goes live on my own site, the price will be $67… and I may make a special offer that takes it down to $47. And that’s the lowest I will ever go for this extraordinary, all-in-one email marketing resource.

But This Is a Special Offer, Baby!

So I’m gonna drop it even lower for you, cool? Ha, I didn’t think you’d have much of a problem with that idea. Alright, so let’s do 37 bucks. For what you’re getting, this is the offer to end all offers. This is not your average WSO, after all.

So $37… Hell, let’s go even a little lower. Grab your very own “Email Slick” package (uh-huh-huh, I said “slick package,” uh-huh-huh) right now for only:

Lee Murray's Email Slick

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Email Slick Bonus

With all that you’re getting today, this offer is well worth $197… I wouldn’t feel remotely bad about charging that much. But I know that this is simply a price point that would alienate a whole lot of people… and these are the people who need this stuff the most!

I want to help the little guy make a fortune online.

I’ve had the pleasure of pulling myself out of the effing gutter with this stuff, and I want to help others be able to do the same. And even if you’re not currently in the gutter, there is no doubt in my mind that “Email Slick” can enhance anyone’s online business. Total newbie to extremely advanced… this can help you!

We all have our unique skill sets. This just so happens to be mine! ;)

Again, Pepsi Challenge. Don’t forget it, baby.

So Here’s What I Want You To Do Right Now…

1. Click the “Buy” button below.

2. Download “Email Slick” and your “Slick-Ass Bonuses.”

3. Contact me at lee@listbuildingwithlee.com to let me know you’re in.

4. Use the damn thing!

5. Become legendary.

Go, Go, Go!

Lee Murray - Email Slick

Lee Murray's Email Slick


Email Slick by Lee Murray



60 Day Money-Back Guarantee

With the world’s first “DFY/DIY Hybrid” for email marketers in your hands, I simply cannot imagine a scenario in which you’d be even remotely dissatisfied with my incomparable “Email Slick” program.

But that’s not for me to decide.

If, at any point within the next 60 days, you don’t feel like this investment decision was among your very finest, you just let me know. I won’t say a word about it. I’ll just shut my muppet mouth and give you your money back.

No delays. No hassles. No bullshit.

And you’ll still get to keep “Email Slick” and all the Slick-Ass Bonuses just for giving me an honest try. It’s the least I can do to show my appreciation.

That’s said, my products historically have ridiculously low refund rates, and my customers are, by and large, extremely satisfied with what I deliver to them.




Hey, I want to give you my sincere thanks for taking the time to read this letter. I hope it has really opened your eyes.

Remember, I’m not just teaching you how to succeed online with email. And I’m not just giving you emails and throwing you to the wolves. I’m truly giving you the best of both worlds. I’m going to make you a better email marketer!

How freakin’ exciting is that?

You don’t even have to answer. I can see it in your big, beautiful eyes.

Wait, what?

Yours in fun and success,

Lee Murray

Lee Murray


P.S. Remember, the proof is in the pudding. You’ve seen some of my results, but you’ve also seen that I know a thing or two about writing. I hope that’s the conclusion you’ve drawn anyway! ;) This can only serve to benefit you in a major way, as my content becomes your content.

P.P.S. $67 is a beyond-fair price for the world’s first “DFY/DIY Hybrid” for email marketers. But I’d rather you not wait until the price goes up to $67 to get your grubby little paws “Email Slick.” You really do need to jump on this now if you want to take advantage of my best offer. This is the lowest it will ever be at just…

Lee Murray's Email Slick


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